Our Insulation Services

We provide a wide range of insulation services across all sectors and property types.

If you can think of something that requires insulation, it’s highly likely that spray foam insulation will be suitable.

Flat Roof Insulation

Spray Foam insulation is the ultimate solution as it’s manufactured in situ and will expand through the web for seamless thermal performance.


What is Spray Foam Insulation?

It is made from Polyurethane which is formed by a 2 part chemical system using a resin and a catalyst. The resin is made from recycled plastics and when combined with the catalyst, creates expansion. The blowing agents within the chemical materials are HFO water-based and therefore, most Spay Foams generally have a low Global Warming Potential and are perfectly safe for use.

Why Should I Choose Spray Foam

Spray foam offers true air-tightness without the need for secondary products or works. The thermal performance of foam per inch, surpasses just about all other insulation products and the system does not require the provision of an air gap. Speed of install is also a considerable benefit when you choose Spray Foam with most installs taking around 5 times less than alternative products.

Does It Come With A Guarantee?

Just about all of our residential installs come with a 25 year guarantee and a separate 10 year insurance guarantee to give maximum peace of mind. There are very rare circumstances in which a guarantee would not be issued. For commercial installs, most installs come with a 25 year guarantee which is again dependent on the project type and environmental conditions.

Is Spray Foam Insulation Worth It?

Yes! It’s the only insulation product that is manufactured in-situ and can provide an airtight seal when hermetically sealed. It’s also one of the only insulation materials that will last for the life of the property and is guaranteed for 25 years. Depending on where its installed, spray foam will protect the property from heat loss during the winter and it provides natural cooling during the summer.

How Long Does Spray Foam Last?

Spray Foam Insulation will not shrink, degrade or reduce in performance over time which makes it a lifetime investment. We guarantee a spray foam insulation install for 25 years and we fully expect that it will last with the life of the property into which it’s installed.

How Does Spray Foam Work?

It’s essentially an ‘in-situ’ process and is generated using high pressure machinery that mixes 2 chemical parts together to create Polyurethane. As the liquid is sprayed to a surface, foam insulation is created within seconds. After around 20 seconds of being sprayed to a surface, the foam will have fully expanded and cured to its finished to provide exceptionally thermal properties.

How Long Does An Install Take?

Depending on the total size of the area to insulate and the thickness, Spray Foam Insulation is generally around 5 times faster than installing traditional materials such as PIR board or a fibre-based insulator. For typical residential homes, most installations are completed within a day whereas construction and industrial projects may take up to a week.

Why Should I Choose ThermoFoam?

We’re one of the UK’s largest and most trust worthy providers of spray foam insulation. From small retrofit residential installs to giant commercial projects, we have a proven history of delivering 5-star results. Our accreditations include ISO9001 and 14001, Trustmark, PAS 2030: 2019 and BBA Installer and product Agreement.

How Much Does Spray Foam Cost?

Spray foam insulation is a premium product with premium performance and therefore costs more than traditional fibre insulation. For UK homes, spray foam will usually cost between £1000 and £5000 depending on where it’s installed in the property and the size of the area. In new build and commercial projects where more stringent U-Value targets are required, spray foam insulation is specified on a bespoke basis and the cost will be determined by the size of the project and the thickness of insulation required.

Can I Install Spray Foam Myself?

All spray foam insulation installs are carried out using specialist equipment that processes the raw material, heats it and drives it through a hose to the application gun. If you are a construction company looking to buy a spray foam rig, we can assist with training, support and the supply of raw materials. In some instances where there is a particularly small area to insulation, you can buy DIY spray foam packs online, however, this is very expensive if you are insulating over 15-20 metres and becomes cost prohibitive.