Spray Foam Insulation For Stud Wall Insulation

Enverge Spray Foam Insulation provides a fast and effective airtight stud wall insulation thermal system. Where pre-manufactured materials need to be cut and fitted into place and taped at the seams to seal against heat loss, Nexseal LE Closed Cell or Sucraseal Open Cell Spray Foam Insulation is spray-applied directly to timber, stone, or masonry, expanding and filling to provide natural airtightness. Alternatively, Enverge Profill stud wall insulation system can be used to fill between large areas of wall studs in seconds. The speed of installation and product durability help to make Enverge Spray Foam Insulation one of the most popular choices for stud wall insulation projects.

Enverge Spray Foam Stud Wall Insulation Benefits

Spray-Applied Stud Wall Insulation

With reliable substrate adhesion, consistent dimensional stability and excellent airtight thermal performance, Enverge Nexseal LE Closed Cell and Enverge Sucraseal Open Cell foams are BBA-certified to provide compliant stud wall insulation. With modern Building Regulations requiring reduced thermal bridging through structural elements, Enverge Spray Foam Insulation works best when timber or metal studs are set one to two inches from the wall so that the foam can be spray-applied behind and between the studs. This provides a seamless and monolithic insulation layer that helps meet U-Value targets whilst taking up less internal space. Nexseal LE Closed Cell has a thermal conductivity of 0.027 W.m.K. It offers one of the best thermal performances for a stud wall insulation system. Sucraseal Open Cell can offer a more cost-effective alternative when the stud wall assembly contains plenty of space for a thicker insulation layer.

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Nexseal Stud Wall Insulation

Sucraseal Stud Wall Insulation

Enverge Profill Stud Wall Insulation System

Now available in the UK, Enverge Profill is a low-density open-cell insulation system that is injected into the stud wall. Using a protective membrane attached to cover the stud faces and bays, Profill is injected from the top of the stud wall and fills the bay within seconds without protruding beyond the stud faces. Compared to the spray-applied versions of the Enverge Spray Foam range, Profill has been designed to add further speed to the installation process and is the only insulation system of its type available. The Profill open Cell system remains a liquid for longer, so it can safely rise within the void and fully fill to airtight standards.

Enverge Profill Open Cell:
Vapour Closed Membrane

Enverge Profill Open Cell:
Vapour Open Membrane

Stud Wall Insulation Solutions

Available in two densities, Enverge Spray Foam Insulation can achieve thermal compliance in a range of stud wall insulation scenarios. We recommend Nexseal LE Closed Cell for use in stud wall assemblies where the spray foam will be applied directly to stone or masonry. This is thanks to its strong adhesion to the substrate and ability to repel external moisture that may track through the wall assembly. Where timber frame is used, and enough stud wall space is available, Sucraseal Open Cell is certified for use and may provide a faster and cheaper alternative to Nexseal LE. Additionally, Sucraseal can be overfilled between the wall studs and trimmed back flush. Enverge Spray Foam Insulation outperforms traditional pre-manufactured insulation materials in many ways, including speed of installation, thermal performance, structural stability and substrate adhesion whilst controlling the bi-directional moisture flow to prevent damp, mould and condensation from forming within the property.

Vara Vapour Control Layers For Stud Wall Insulation

We’ve partnered with Partel to provide the VARA range of Intelligent Vapour Control membranes as part of the moisture management strategy in stud walls. It is vital to protect the structural assembly and insulation materials from the impacts of interstitial condensation so that thermal performance is maintained, mainly when high-resistance house wrap membranes are in situ. VARA Intelligent Membranes come in a sheet form or spray-applied liquid version to ensure insulation protection and enhanced airtightness. Vapour control layers are an essential part of any stud wall insulation strategy, and our technical team is on hand to help design your bespoke insulation system that meets thermal compliance and reduces air leakage and moisture management following BS 5250.


Check our Enverge BBA-Certified Spray Foams For Stud Wall Insulation

The Enverge range of spray foams include leading brands, Sucraseal Open Cell and Nexseal Closed Cell. Utilising recycled materials, manufactured sustainably with the environment in mind and containing HFO, water-based blowing agents, Enverge products offer thermal, airtightness and durability.

This low exothermic, high-lift closed cell foam boasts a fast installation time, offers incredible thermal performance and improves the structural integrity of a building. Loved by installers for its fast rise, Nexseal is ozone-friendly and holds BBA Certification.

One of the leading open cell foam systems now available in the UK. Sucraseal combines peace of mind British Class 1 fire safety with exceptional thermal performance and is fully certified by the BBA. Sucraseal is installed exclusively by ThermoFoam-approved contractors only.

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How Is Enverge Spray Foam Insulation Faster To Install?

In any new build project, the construction timeline can lose momentum, costing time and money. When it comes to fitting pre-manufactured insulation materials, these require cutting and fitting between the stud walls, leading to material wastage and offcuts to dispose of. Spray Foam Insulation is applied behind and between the studs, directly to the timber, masonry or stone substrate. It reaches the surface as a viscous liquid before rapidly expanding between the studs to provide an airtight thermal seal. Enverge Spray Foam Insulation can work out up to 10 times faster to install than pre-manufactured insulation, meaning that entire stud wall assemblies can be fully insulated in as little as a day. No additional taping or sealing of joints is required once the spray foam insulation is in place, and vapour control layers and plasterboard can be fitted almost immediately.

What’s The Difference Between Nexseal LE And Sucraseal?

Both are certified and suitable for stud wall insulation systems. Still, Nexseal LE Closed Cell is the common choice due to its superior thermal performance per inch, vapour resistance and strong adhesion to the substrate. Nexseal LE Closed Cell is denser and more thermally efficient than Sucraseal open cell; therefore, it will depend on the space available within the stud wall assembly and the thermal targets to meet when comparing which product to choose. Sucraseal is generally cheaper and faster to install than Nexseal LE. When used as an insulation system applied directly between wall studs, Sucraseal usually requires a vapour control layer to manage moisture.

Is Enverge Spray Foam Insulation More Expensive Than Pre-Manufactured Materials?

Enverge Spray Foam Insulation is likely more cost-effective than installing pre-manufactured insulation materials in almost every circumstance. When mechanical fixings and labour time are considered, it often outstrips the competition with up to 500m2 of stud walls insulated daily. This helps reduce the project timeline and reduces disruption and downtime so that the building or structures can be returned to use rapidly. Enverge spray foam insulation has become one of the leading choices for stud wall insulation when the potential periodic replacement or topping up of pre-manufactured insulation is considered.

What About A Services Void For Electrical Cables or Pipes?

Designing and constructing the stud wall assembly is essential to ensure enough space for the compliant insulation thickness. This may include leaving a 25mm service void on the warm side of the insulation for electrical cables and pipes. When Enverge Sucraseal Open Cell is used, electrical cables can be encased in the spray foam without concern for their derating. Enverge Nexseal LE Closed Cell is a high-density product that can derate cables, so a service void or the cabling protected in conduit is recommended.

Will Enverge Spray Foam Protrude Beyond The Space Available?

This depends on the stud wall space available and the required U-Values to achieve. When Enverge Sucraseal Open Cell foam is used, if it protrudes beyond the stud faces, it is trimmed back with ease to ensure the plasterboard can be fitted without compromise. Enverge Nexseal LE Closed Cell expands much slower than Sucraseal and can usually be spray-applied to within 5mm of the stud faces to ensure it doesn’t breach the depth available. Enverge Profill is a new injected insulation system that fills the stud wall assembly without breaching available space.

Does It Come With A Warranty?

Yes. All Enverge Spray Foam Installations attract a 25-Year Product Warranty and at least a 5-Year Workmanship Warranty. Spray foam insulation is one of the most durable insulation materials available in the UK, and it won’t shrink or degrade like some other pre-manufactured insulation materials. It requires no ongoing operational or maintenance input and will remain in place as a passive insulation solution that becomes a part of the building envelope.