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About Spray Foam For Warehouse Insulation

Spray Foam Insulation offers a fast, effective and long-term solution to upgrade insulation in Warehouses.

Nexseal LE Closed Cell Insulation is the perfect solution to retrofit insulation onto the roof and walls of warehouses. Providing a neat finish and a seamless, monolithic thermal layer, spray foam minimises down time and provides long-term assurance.


Spray Foam helps to manage the cost of heating & cooling

Fast Install

Spray Foam can be installed in a fraction of the time


Spray Foam offers structural improvement of surfaces

Where To Use Spray Foam Insulation For Warehouses

Nexseal LE Closed Cell Spray Foam can be used in warehouses of any shape and size. Unlike pre-manufactured insulation materials, Spray Foam is installed in a fraction of time and bonds directly to the roof and wall substrates to provide a seamless thermal layer of insulation that can also eliminate condensation. A 20-25mm layer will stop condensation whilst a 50-100mm layer will add some excellent heat retention and structural stability.

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Check out our Gallery where you will find some photographs of installations we’ve completed in the past. Whilst spray foam is insulation and not decoration, our experienced installation teams will always endeavour to provide a neat and tidy finish to the insulation. Nexseal LE closed cell is easier to achieve a neater finish whereas Sucraseal Open Cell expands at a faster rate to leave an undulated finish.


Do I Have To Move All My Stock & Machinery?

The only negative to spray foam insulation is the fact that overspray droplets tend to drop from the insulation area during installation and therefore, any assets, stock or equipment will need to be sufficiently protected. Then there is the issue of good access on the floor area due to the need for scissor lifts or scaffold towers to reach the installation zone. With these two impacts considered, we usually recommend that stock and equipment be removed from the warehouse before we commence work. However, we treat every installation on a case-by-case basis and we will always endeavour to minimise headaches and reduce the impact on your business. A site survey will usually determine whether items of stock or equipment need to be moved out before installation begins.

How Long Will The Installation Take?

This depends on several factors including the size of the installation, the access to the installation area, the condition of the substrate where the insulation is to be installed and also the weather! In terms of size, our installation teams can each cover around 200m2 per day at a thickness of 2 inches but for time-sensitive jobs, we can mobilise multiple spray foam rigs to speed up the timeline. Access around the floor area will impact the timescale if our installation teams are having to navigate around items of stock or equipment. Weather can have a big impact because when the weather is cold, the spray foam materials don’t tend to expand or yield as well which can delay progress and cost you more money in materials! Any spray foam insulation installation will need to consider these impacts to ensure a successful end result can be delivered.

Can Our Employees Still Work During The Installation?

We will consider the size of the building and whether or not there are any health and safety risks to your employees. When we are insulating large areas or the warehouse buildings are compartmentalised, we are amenable to your employees continuing their work, however, we would never recommend that come within 15 metres of the installation zone without wearing protective clothing and face masks due to the vapours in the air. Whilst spray foam insulation does not release any dangerous gases once it has cured, during the process, we are spraying chemicals and these can impact health. On this basis, we would always advise that employees should not work closely to the installation zone.

Can I Paint The Insulation Afterwards?

Spray Foam Insulation is traditionally off-white when installed and it may become a deeper yellow over time. Most spray foam installations can definitely be painted over but due to the undulated surface of the foam, we would recommend using an airless sprayer to apply a paint coating to ensure total coverage. Our installation teams are used to painting spray foam and can certainly carry out the installation in a colour of your choice. Whilst considering a paint coating, it could be a good idea to use an intumescent paint that can also add better fire performance to the building as well as a decorative effect. Nonetheless, if the spray foam is installed neatly, an additional paint coating can really help to elevate the ambience of the building to make it visually impactful.

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Check out our BBA Certified Spray Foams

Our range of open and closed cell spray foams are industry-leading, BBA-Certified, use recycled materials and contain water-based blowing agents.

Nexseal Closed Cell

This low exothermic, high-lift closed cell foam boasts a fast installation time, offers incredible thermal performance and improves the structural integrity of a building. Loved by installers for its fast rise, Nexseal is ozone-friendly and is pending BBA certification which is due in June 2022.

Sucraseal Open Cell

The leading open cell foam now available in the UK. Sucraseal combines peace of mind British Class 1 fire safety with exceptional thermal performance and is pending BBA Certification which is due in June 2022. Sucraseal is installed exclusively by ThermoFoam-approved contractors only.

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