Case Study: Warehouse Insulation (Soundproofing & Thermal)

Depot Events | Cardiff

Warehouse Insulation Overview

Our ThermoFoam-Approved Installers, Metropolitan Insulation and British Insulation Services worked in collaboration to Install Warehouse Insulation to this large, 3700m2 pitched roof insulation project in Cardiff for thermal performance & soundproofing.

The warehouse building was acquired by the well-known Depot events company and was set to be re-purposed as their brand-new events venue. Established in 2015, Depot is well-known for its creative events which include music and street food festivals, experiences and bespoke events. The building was being renovated ready for Depot to move into and warehouse insulation and soundproofing became an important feature to control heating, cooling and sound attenuation.


Metropolitan Insulation and British Insulation Services



Project Type

Warehouse Insulation Events Space

Product Used

ThermoFoam Nexseal LE Closed Cell & Sucraseal Open Cell

Install Date

April 2023

Install Size


Install Duration

21 Days

The Project

Warehouse Insulation Brief

The team at Depot needed to install a robust insulation system on the corrugated metal roof of the warehouse. With energy costs rising significantly, the insulation system needed to achieve a combination of good thermal performance, coupled with excellent sound attenuation to ensure that their events did not cause excess noise issues for surrounding neighbours. With the roof in good condition and the warehouse completely empty, it was a great time for Depot to embrace the benefits of the specified insulation system so that could open their new venue safe in the knowledge that the building fabric was well protected.

Warehouse Insulation Specification

The teams at Metropolitan Insulation and British Insulation Services worked in conjunction with materials supplier, ThermoFoam, to come up with a specification that could be presented to their client at Depot. 25mm of ThermoFoam V4 insulation was specified as a bonding coat to the underside of the corrugated metal pitched roof. The high-density closed-cell foam provides an excellent bond to the substrate whilst strengthening the roof sheets and fixings from the impact of weathering. With sound attenuation in mind, a further 150mm of Sucraseal Open Cell Insulation was specified to the underside of the closed cell layer. Sucraseal Open Cell is the UK’s only British Class 1 fire-rated low-density foam and its use was a necessity for fire safety and insurance purposes on this project.

Warehouse Insulation Results

The 3700m2 installation took the team at Metropolitan and British Insulation Services just three weeks to fully complete. Utilising their pool of spray foam installation rigs, the teams mobilised to the site and undertook the closed cell insulation works first before following underneath with the Sucraseal Open Cell Insulation. The end results were substantial with immediately noticeable improvements to the sound attenuation. When compared to an identical neighbouring building, the insulation system helped to reduce noise transmission beyond expectations. The thermal performance of the new insulation system generates a 0.20 W/m2K U-Value which is a significant upgrade on the previously heat-sapping roof structure with both Depot and its customers now able to enjoy cooler summers and warmer winters to make this a truly year-round venue. To learn more about Depot Events, check out their website to see what’s upcoming:

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