Spray Foam Insulation For New Build Projects

The Enverge range of spray foam insulation solutions offer the perfect solution for those undertaking a new build project. Whether you are undertaking a bespoke self-build or you are a property developer working on multiple projects, find out how Enverge Spray Foam Insulation can help you achieve excellent thermal performance and airtightness in a simple application.

Enverge Spray Foam Insulation Benefits

New Build Insulation Systems

The Enverge range of Spray Foam Insulation systems are BBA Certified for use in new build homes throughout the UK. The spray-applied nature of the insulation helps to save space within the structural assembly whilst creating excellent thermal performance and better airtightness when compared to pre-manufactured materials. Both Nexseal LE Closed Cell and Sucraseal Open Cell Spray Foam systems are suitable for use in new build properties, depending on the thermal targets and space available within the structural assembly. Where appropriate, our range of VARA Intelligent Vapour Control Membranes can be used in conjunction with the insulation system to protect the building from moisture.

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Nexseal Pitched Roof Insulation

Sucraseal Stud Wall Insulation

VARA Vapour Control Layers

We’ve partnered up with Partel to provide New Build projects the opportunity to incorporate the VARA range of Intelligent Vapour Control membranes as part of the moisture management strategy. It is vital to protect the structural assembly and insulation materials from the impacts of interstitial condensation so that thermal performance is maintained. VARA Intelligent Membranes come in a sheet form or spray-applied liquid version to ensure insulation protection and enhanced airtightness are achieved. Vapour control layers are an important part of any new build strategy, and our technical team are on hand to help design your bespoke insulation system that meets thermal compliance, reduced air leakage and moisture management in accordance with BS 5250.

Spray Foam Insulation Solutions

Enverge Spray Foam Insulation is used to insulation new build homes to modern airtight standards to meet thermal targets, low running costs and reduced carbon emissions. When used in conjunction with vapour control layers and ventilation strategies, spray foam insulation offers exceptional performance when compared to pre-manufactured materials. During the construction phase of a new build property, Enverge Spray Foam can help to reduce space within the structural assembly of the building whilst speeding up the insulation process and reducing wasted insulation off-cuts. Nexseal LE Closed Cell and Sucraseal open Cell are both BBA Certified for use in new build construction throughout the UK.


Check our Enverge BBA-Certified Spray Foams

The Enverge range of spray foams include leading brands, Sucraseal Open Cell and Nexseal Closed Cell. Utilising recycled materials, manufactured sustainably with the environment in mind and containing HFO, water-based blowing agents, Enverge products offer thermal, airtightness and durability.

This low exothermic, high-lift closed cell foam boasts a fast installation time, offers incredible thermal performance and improves the structural integrity of a building. Loved by installers for its fast rise, Nexseal is ozone-friendly and holds BBA Certification.

One of the leading open cell foam systems now available in the UK. Sucraseal combines peace of mind British Class 1 fire safety with exceptional thermal performance and is fully certified by the BBA. Sucraseal is installed exclusively by ThermoFoam-approved contractors only.


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Is Enverge Spray Foam Approved?

Yes! Enverge Spray Foam Insulation has been tested to UKAS standards and certified by the BBA (British Board of Agrement) for use in new and existing homes or all shapes and sizes. When installed in accordance with its certification and manufacturers guidelines, Enverge Spray Foam can offer airtight, thermal performance that exceeds that of pre-manufactured insulation materials.

What’s The Difference Between Nexseal LE and Sucraseal?

Both are certified and suitable for use in new build projects of all shapes and sizes. Nexseal LE Closed Cell is denser and more thermally efficient when compared to Sucraseal Open Cell, therefore, it will depend on the space available within the structural roof or wall assembly and the thermal targets to meet when comparing which product to choose. Sucraseal is generally cheaper and faster to install than Nexseal LE.

Is An Airgap Required?

Unlike pre-manufactured insulation materials, Enverge Spray Foam can be spray-applied directly to low resistance or timber surfaces without the need for an airgap. Provided the building assembly is vapour open and incorporates breathable materials, any internally created moisture can pass through the insulation and building structure without accumulating and damaging materials. Where appropriate, VARA Intelligent Membrans should be incorporated on the warm side of the insulation for added moisture protection.

How Does Spray Foam Compare on Price?

If you’re a self-builder who will be fitting insulation materials yourself and you don’t factor in the time it will take, spray foam insulation can be more costly. If you are paying a trade to install the insulation, spray foam can be comparable on price to pre-manufactured materials but with added airtightness and thermal performance. It reduces wastage, reduces space and is faster to install which means your building project can stay on time. We have no set per metre price, the cost of spray foam is entirely dependent on the type of building and thickness of insulation required to meet thermal targets.

Who Installs Spray Foam Insulation?

Enverge Spray Foam is installed by ThermoFoam-approved contractors who have completed our training programme. Due to the expensive and complex machinery required to process and install spray foam insulation, it is not a DIY product. If you are a construction firm undertaking many projects, we can help you to buy the required machinery and train your operatives to install Enverge Spray Foam.

Does It Come with A Warranty?

Yes1 All Enverge Spray Foam Installations attract a 25 Year Product Warranty and at least a 5 Year Workmanship Warranty. Once installed correctly, Enverge Spray Foam should last for the life of the substrate into which it has been installed. Spray foam insulation is one of the most durable insulation materials available in the UK and it won’t shrink or degrade like some other pre-manufactured insulation materials.