Suspended Ceiling Insulation

About Spray Foam For Suspended Ceilings

In many commercial office environments, suspended ceilings sit well below the roof line to create an uninsulated void.

Ever wondered how to insulate a roof when a suspended ceiling frame is sat below the void? Spray foam insulation offers an excellent solution to minimise down time for the office environment whilst providing long-term thermal performance.


Spray Foam Insulation can access areas other insulation materials can’t


Spray Foam Insulation adds thermal performance at roof level


Spray Foam Insulation is a fast and effective installation process

Where to Use Spray Foam For Suspended Ceilings

Spray foam insulation offers an effective way to insulate otherwise difficult suspended ceiling voids. Where a suspended ceiling tile system prevents the use of traditional insulation materials, spray foam insulation can be installed using specialist access equipment. Either Sucraseal Open Cell or Nexseal LE Closed Cell are suitable for suspended ceiling voids depending on the roof structure. Generally, spray foam is installed to the underside of the roof substrate to protect the building envelope. This not only prevents heat loss from the habitable areas out through the roof, it also mitigates solar gain during summer months which can make the working environment under a suspended ceiling, unbearable!


How Is Spray Foam Insulation Installed Above A Suspended Ceiling?

Firstly, the spray foam operative will still need to pop up through the ceiling tiles and will generally erect a scaffold tower or platform just below the ceiling so that they can stand safely. Once they are mobilised, there are no materials to carry up through, unlike pre-manufactured mineral wool. The spray foam insulation is manufactured in situ and just the hose and application gun will need to be mobilised through the ceiling frame. Using a canon tip, the spray foam insulation can be installed to the underside of the roof from up to 3 metres away and a fairly wide coverage of around 10m2 can be achieved just from popping up through a single ceiling tile. This reduces the risk of damage to the ceiling tiles, ensures the insulation programme is completed in a fraction of the time and leaves the building envelope protected from seasonal weather variances to leave an office workspace that’s cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. All of this contributes towards a happier workforce and controlled expenditure on energy costs!

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Check out our Gallery where you will find some photographs of installations we’ve completed in the past. Whilst spray foam is insulation and not decoration, our experienced installation teams will always endeavour to provide a neat and tidy finish to the insulation. Nexseal LE closed cell is easier to achieve a neater finish whereas Sucraseal Open Cell expands at a faster rate to leave an undulated finish.


Will I Have To Take Down The Ceiling?

Generally not. Our operatives are able to pop up through the suspended ceiling tiles and spray apply the insulation directly to the underside of the roof. Using a canon tip for the spray gun, our operative will be able to reach around 6m2 per ceiling tile which means far fewer tiles will need to be lifted therefore reducing the risk of damage. The process will be much faster than traditional types of insulation.

Why Is Spray Foam A Better Solution?

Pre-manufactured insulation materials such as mineral wool tend to shrink and degrade in performance over time. Spray Foam Insulation is a much more robust insulation system that isn’t impacted by natural degradation or a reduction in performance due to failing fixtures. Spray Foam is spay-applied directly to the substrate and has an exceptional bond strength which means it’s far less impacted by gravitational pull. It’s also faster to install and is less likely to be moved or damaged over time.

Is Spray Foam A Safe Product?

Yes, once fully cured, spray foam insulation emits no harmful gases and it uses the very latest water-based HFO blowing agents. In addition, our products are Class 1 fire-rated for surface spread of flame which generally exceeds the requirements for insulation materials in non-habitable spaces or voids.

How Long Will The Spray Foam Last?

Life! Spray Foam Insulation, if installed correctly, should last for the life of the surface onto which it’s installed. Therefore, unless you need to replace the roof, it will just sit there and perform without any degradation or diminishment as time goes by. This makes it an unbeatable solution when compared to pre-manufactured forms of insulation that are subjected to being fixed into place and then reliant on the quality of those fixtures. We guarantee spray foam insulation installations for 25 Years in terms of product performance.

Will The Installation Disrupt The Office?

Yes to a degree but we can also work weekends and overnight to minimise the impact. The big factor is to ensure that we adequately protect assets from the impact of the spray foam overspray, although with the suspended ceiling limiting the risks, there is much less that can go wrong. On a case-by-case basis, we will always endeavour to work flexibly around the needs of your business to ensure the insulation programme is completed quickly and efficiently with minimal fuss.

How Does Spray Foam Compare To Other Products?

Spray foam offers exceptional thermal performance and is spray-applied to create a seamless, monolithic, and airtight thermal layer of insulation that stops heat loss at source. Unlike traditional insulation materials, spray foam adheres to the substrate and will not diminish or reduce in performance over time.

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Our range of open and closed cell spray foams are industry-leading, BBA-Certified, use recycled materials and contain water-based blowing agents.

Nexseal Closed Cell

This low exothermic, high-lift closed cell foam boasts a fast installation time, offers incredible thermal performance and improves the structural integrity of a building. Loved by installers for its fast rise, Nexseal is ozone-friendly and is pending BBA certification which is due in June 2022.

Sucraseal Open Cell

The leading open cell foam now available in the UK. Sucraseal combines peace of mind British Class 1 fire safety with exceptional thermal performance and is pending BBA Certification which is due in June 2022. Sucraseal is installed exclusively by ThermoFoam-approved contractors only.

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