Spray Foam For Pitched Roofs

About Spray Foam For Pitched Roofs

Whether you’re looking to insulate a new build property or an existing home, spray foam offers superior thermal performance.

When insulating the pitched roof, you’ll need a solution that offers airtight, thermal yet breathable performance. Both our Sucraseal open cell or Nexseal LE closed cell foams are BBA-certified for their suitability in the pitched roof environment.


Spray Foam is fast and effective to install, saving time and money


Spray Foam offers one of the best thermal insulation values per inch


Spray Foam insulation is the only true airtight insulation system

Where To Use Spray Foam For Pitched Roofs

Spray foam insulation can be used in pretty much any pitched roof environment provided the roof is in good condition and free from leaks. In instances where there is a high resistance, bitumen felt style membrane, a ventilation void should be created between the insulation and membrane. Alternatively a vapour control layer can be used. For low-resistance membrane roofs, the spray foam insulation can be applied directly to the membrane without the need for a ventilation void. Spray foam is deemed to be breathable and promotes a vapour open building assembly. Both Sucraseal and Nexseal LE can be used in pitched roofs provided the BBA certificate is followed.


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Check out our Gallery where you will find some photographs of installations we’ve completed in the past. Whilst spray foam is insulation and not decoration, our experienced installation teams will always endeavour to provide a neat and tidy finish to the insulation. Nexseal LE closed cell is easier to achieve a neater finish whereas Sucraseal Open Cell expands at a faster rate to leave an undulated finish.


What is a Warm Roof System?

A warm roof system is the modern way to insulate your home. Most of the homes in the UK still rely on outdated methods of insulation at floor level, otherwise known as a cold roof. You will most likely be familiar with seeing layers of fibreglass insulation on the floor of your loft. This method of insulation is unreliable as it allows cold air to flow in through your roof space. The dense cold air will try to sink into your property and will reach what’s known as the condensation point, where rising warm air hits the cold and condensates.

Open Cell Vs Closed Cell

Importantly, spray foam insulation comes in two forms, a low density open cell foam that’s perfect for insulating retrofit roof spaces, new build roofs, walls and floors. It’s also a great product for reducing sound transmission and its used extensively as a void filler between floors, walls and other areas where sound transfer can be problematic. Open cell is not as thermally efficient compared to closed cells foams therefore, a greater thickness will be required for a like for like thermal comparison with closed cell foam, however, as an extremely breathable product, many customers prefer open cell.

Health & Safety Information

It’s important to remember that an install of spray foam insulation is a chemical spraying process that releases vapours into the air but with extraction, this will dissipate quickly. We’ve worked hard to minimise the impact on your health and the environment by introducing water-based blown agents that contain no harmful VOC’s or HFC’s. Once spray foam insulation has been installed, it fully cures within a matter of hours and remains completely inert for its lifespan.

What is Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation is made from recycled plastics known as polyurethanes. Present in many of our household items, cars and other items, polyurethane is one of the worlds most popular products! The raw material comprises of two chemical parts that combine during a mechanical and scientific process to create a warm and fluffy layer of foam insulation. If you are familiar with products such as Celotex or Kingspan, ThermoFoam spray foam insulation is of a similar chemicalur structure, it’s simply applied differently to create airtightness and enhanced thermal performance.

How Is Spray Foam Installed?

Spray foam insulation is created in situ which mean the install technicians create the chemical reaction that makes the foam. Although an install of spray foam is a reasonably industrial process, it’s completely handled by our technicians from start to finish and we always leave your home clean and tidy! The spray foam equipment is contained within a long wheel base van, comprising of a compressor, generator, reactor, heated hose and the chemical drums. The only element of the spray foam equipment that enters your home is the heated hose and we ensure that sheeting is laid to your flooring to protect your home from any dirt or mess.

Do I Need A Vapour Control Layer?

This depends on the outcome of hydrothermal calculations that we prepare on a case by case basis prior to the install. In non-habitable lofts, a Vapour Control Layer is generally not required, however, in habitable rooms such as dormer bedrooms, a VCL is usually always recommended and becomes mandatory when hydrothermal calculations are performed.

Our Products

Check out our BBA Certified Spray Foams

Our range of open and closed cell spray foams are industry-leading, BBA-Certified, use recycled materials and contain water-based blowing agents.

Nexseal Closed Cell

This low exothermic, high-lift closed cell foam boasts a fast installation time, offers incredible thermal performance and improves the structural integrity of a building. Loved by installers for its fast rise, Nexseal is ozone-friendly and is pending BBA certification which is due in June 2022.

Sucraseal Open Cell

The leading open cell foam now available in the UK. Sucraseal combines peace of mind British Class 1 fire safety with exceptional thermal performance and is pending BBA Certification which is due in June 2022. Sucraseal is installed exclusively by ThermoFoam-approved contractors only.

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