Spray Foam For Pitched Roof Insulation

Enverge Spray Foam systems are the perfect solution for achieving enhanced thermal performance for pitched roof insulation in new-build, existing homes and commercial buildings. BBA-certified for low-resistance and high-resistance roof membranes, Sucraseal Open Cell and Nexseal LE Closed Cell are widely used as pitched roof solutions. The clever chemistry and fire performance help make Enverge Spray Foams a suitable system in a variety of circumstances.

Enverge Spray Foam Pitched roof Insulation Benefits

Pitched Roof Insulation

The Enverge range of Spray Foam Insulation systems is BBA Certified for use in pitched roofs of homes and commercial buildings throughout the UK. The spray-applied nature of the insulation helps save space within the structural assembly whilst creating excellent thermal performance and better airtightness compared to pre-manufactured materials. Both Nexseal LE Closed Cell and Sucraseal Open Cell Spray Foam systems are suitable for pitched roofs, depending on the thermal targets and space available within the structural assembly. Where appropriate, our range of VARA Intelligent Vapour Control Membranes can be used with the insulation system to protect the building from moisture.

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Nexseal Pitched Roof Insulation

Sucraseal Pitched Roof Insulation

VARA Vapour Control Layers For Pitched Roof Insulation

We’ve partnered with Partel to provide the VARA range of Intelligent Vapour Control membranes as part of the moisture management strategy in pitched roofs. It is vital to protect the structural assembly and insulation materials from the impacts of interstitial condensation so that thermal performance is maintained, mainly when high-resistance roof membranes are in situ. VARA Intelligent Membranes come in a sheet form or spray-applied liquid version to ensure insulation protection and enhanced airtightness. Vapour control layers are an essential part of any pitched roof strategy, and our technical team is on hand to help design your bespoke insulation system that meets thermal compliance and reduces air leakage and moisture management following BS 5250. Find out more about VARA here:

Pitched Roof Insulation Solutions

Enverge Spray Foam for pitched roof insulation achieves modern airtight standards to meet thermal targets, low running costs and reduced carbon emissions. When used with vapour control layers and ventilation strategies, spray foam insulation offers exceptional performance compared to pre-manufactured materials. Enverge Spray Foam is an insulation system that works year-round in pitched roofs to prevent heat loss during the winter and to act as a barrier against solar gain during warm summer months. Nexseal LE Closed Cell and Sucraseal Open Cell are both BBA Certified for use in the pitched roofs of existing homes, new build construction and commercial buildings throughout the UK.

Pitched Roof Insulation Products

Check our Enverge BBA-Certified Spray Foams For Pitched Roof Insulation

The Enverge range of spray foams include leading brands, Sucraseal Open Cell and Nexseal Closed Cell. Utilising recycled materials, manufactured sustainably with the environment in mind and containing HFO, water-based blowing agents, Enverge products offer thermal, airtightness and durability.

This low exothermic, high-lift closed cell foam boasts a fast installation time, offers incredible thermal performance and improves the structural integrity of a building. Loved by installers for its fast rise, Nexseal is ozone-friendly and holds BBA Certification.

One of the leading open cell foam systems now available in the UK. Sucraseal combines peace of mind British Class 1 fire safety with exceptional thermal performance and is fully certified by the BBA. Sucraseal is installed exclusively by ThermoFoam-approved contractors only.

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Is Enverge Spray Foam Approved?

Yes! Enverge Spray Foam Insulation has been tested to UKAS standards and certified by the BBA (British Board of Agrement) for use in new and existing homes of all shapes and sizes. When installed following its certification and manufacturer’s guidelines, Enverge Spray Foam can offer airtight thermal performance that exceeds that of pre-manufactured insulation materials.

What’s The Difference Between Nexseal LE And Sucraseal?

Both are certified and suitable for new and existing pitched roof projects of all shapes and sizes. Nexseal LE Closed Cell is denser and more thermally efficient than Sucraseal open cell; therefore, it will depend on the space available within the structural roof assembly and the thermal targets to meet when comparing which product to choose. Sucraseal is generally cheaper and faster to install than Nexseal LE. It is also the more commonly found choice in existing residential pitched roofs. When used as an insulation system applied directly to high-resistance roof membranes, Sucraseal will require a vapour control layer to manage moisture.

Do I Need A Rafter Ventilation Slide?

Unlike pre-manufactured insulation materials, Enverge Spray Foam can be spray-applied directly to low-resistance or timber surfaces without the need for an air gap. Provided the building assembly is vapour-open and incorporates breathable materials, any internally created moisture can pass through the insulation and building structure without accumulating and damaging materials. Regarding high-resistance roof membranes, the installer should use a rafter ventilation slide to create a 40mm air gap between the insulation and membrane. The rafter slide offers a robust moisture management method if the 40mm cavity void is ventilated from the soffit to the ridge, or ventilation can be increased using felt lap vents. It complies with several building surveyors’ and mortgage lenders’ requirements and expectations.

What About A Vapour Control Layer?

Where a rafter ventilation slide is not used, and the spray foam is applied directly to high-resistance roof membranes, a vapour control layer should be used on the warm, internal side of the insulation. We recommend using VARA Intelligent Membranes to achieve compliance and moisture management. The bi-directional vapour drive ensures winter moisture is blocked at the source, whilst it can easily escape during the summer, should the insulation assembly contain any moisture. Intelligent or bi-directional vapour control layers are becoming increasingly popular for protecting insulation.

Will I Be Able To Sell My House With Spray Foam?

Several mortgage lenders now take a proactive approach when encountering spray foam insulation in existing homes. As a new and innovative product, building surveyors and mortgage lenders often need to understand and assess its risks when used in different scenarios. With the Inspection Protocol in place as a guide to help building surveyors understand what constitutes a compliant installation, spray foam insulation, when installed correctly, should not be seen as a high-risk product that may affect the home’s resale value. Whilst there are very few circumstances where spray foam wouldn’t offer a viable insulation system, it may not be suitable for every building, for example, Grade 1 Listed Buildings; therefore, speaking to ThermoFoam before choosing the right insulation type for your property is essential.

Does It Come With A Warranty?

Yes. All Enverge Spray Foam Installations attract a 25-Year Product Warranty and at least a 5-Year Workmanship Warranty. Additionally, the pitched roof installation will be supported by a hygrothermal analysis. The installer should provide a copy of the product certification and conduct a detailed pre-installation survey following our recommended practices for surveying pitched roofs. Once installed correctly, Enverge Spray Foam should last for the life of the substrate into which it has been installed. Spray foam insulation is one of the most durable insulation materials available in the UK, and it won’t shrink or degrade like some other pre-manufactured insulation materials.