Case Study: Barn Insulation (Pitched Roof Insulation & Stud Wall Insulation)

Hobbledown | Epsom

Barn Insulation Overview

Hobbledown is a haven for children with a wide range of adventure activities, making it the perfect place to visit for school holidays. Hobbledown were introducing a new playbarn to their offering and required ThermoFoam's help to provide barn insulation, stud wall insulation and pitched roof insulation.

With adventure play areas, zorbing, high ropes, animals and a range of other activities available, the next step for Hobbledown was to create an indoor play area by converting an old barn into a warm, dry and usable space. The old stone walls and cement fibre roof required a robust insulation strategy to help transform this space into a zone for children of all ages to enjoy. We were delighted to be asked to specify a solution to provide barn insulation, stud wall insulation and pitched roof insulation as part of the renovation plans for the disused barn.


Spray Foam Tech Limited


Epsom, Surrey

Project Type

Play Barn Conversion

Product Used

Nexseal LE Closed Cell & Sucraseal Class 1 Open Cell Foam

Install Date

June 2021

Install Size

Roof - 198m2 and Walls - 100m2

Install Duration

1 Week

The Project

Barn Insulation Brief

Our mandate was to future-proof the proposed play barn against the impact of cold temperatures during winter whilst reducing solar gain and internal heat during the summer. In addition, better sound attenuation was necessary so that the interior ambience of the play barn was free from echoing. Following the initial enquiry from Hobbledown in March 2021, they wanted a solution in place for the busy summer holidays, and any works were to be undertaken in early summer so that the play barn could be fully set up and open.

Barn Insulation Specification

The walls were constructed of old bricks; whilst structurally sound, no insulation was present. We recommended that the internal skin of the brick walls had a stud wall fitted and that 50mm of our Nexseal LE Closed Cell Insulation was installed directly to the inside of the brick face. For the corrugated cement fibre roof, we recommended 20mm of Nexseal LE Closed Cell Insulation directly to the underside of the roof substrate to provide an initial bonding layer. To increase the thermal performance and add better sound attenuation, we specified our Sucraseal Class 1 Fire-Rated Open Cell Foam at a depth of 100-120mm directly to the underside of the 20mm Nexseal LE Closed Cell bonding layer.

Barn Insulation Results

The project commenced in late June 2021, and the 198m2 roof area was fully insulated in just two days, whilst the 100m2 of walls took a further two days meaning that the whole project was completed within the working week. The results were impressive, with a completely airtight thermal barrier of the building envelope that would help to reduce the impact of rising energy costs whilst adding structural integrity to the barn. Older buildings may not be energy efficient, but when using spray foam insulation, we can completely transform the thermal and acoustic properties cost-effectively, quickly and efficiently to vastly improve the look, feel and ambience. The play barn opened in time for the 2021 summer holidays, and we were delighted to see the play equipment in place and the children enjoying this new space. Find out more about Hobbledown here:

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