Case Study: Nissen Hut Insulation | Spray Foam Insulation

Roddas Creamery | Cornwall

Nissen Hut Insulation Overview

Established in 1890, Roddas is a renowned producer of Cornish Clotted Cream and other dairy products. Find out we installed nissen hut insulation using enverge nexseal LE Closed Cell for this gym conversion in cornwall.

The main production factory is located in the heart of Cornwall, employing close to 200 people. On the fringes of the site, four ageing Nissen Huts were in need of a makeover with the end goal to create a wellbeing space for employees, including a gymnasium. Structurally sound, the huts required insulation internally and a protective roof coating externally. We installed Nexseal LE Closed Cell Spray Foam to provide Nissen Hut Insulation.


British Insulation Services



Project Type

Nissen Hut Insulation

Product Used

Nexseal LE Closed Cell & ThermoShield Waterproof Coating

Install Date

April 2022

Install Size


Install Duration

2 Weeks

The Project

Nissen Hut Insulation Brief

Our brief was to come up with a solution to provide Nissen Hut Insulation to extend the life of the roof substrate by applying a waterproof coating. The scope of turning the structures from, non-habitable storage spaces, into areas that employees could enjoy as a well-being zone, meant that the internal environment needed to be warm and dry in the winter and cool and comfortable during summer months. In addition, better insulation and heat retention would only serve to help Roddas manage their environmental impact, something commonly measured by small, medium and large enterprises.

Nissen Hut Insulation Specification

For the best impact of providing a robust and noticeably more ambient internal environment, we specified 50mm of Nexseal Closed Cell Insulation, spray-applied to the underside of the corrugated roof substrate. This solution would eliminate any form of winter-time surface condensation whilst helping to keep the internal environment warm and dry. During the summer, insulation can help to reduce solar gain and make the internal environment cooler. The strong bond of the Nexseal Closed Cell Foam would also help to strengthen and prolong the life of the cement fibre corrugated roofing sheets well beyond their expected life. For the external side of the cement fibre roof, we proposed to pressure wash any dirt, grime, moss and fungus to provide a clean substrate onto which we would apply our ThermoShield water-based paint coating.

Nissen Hut Insulation Results

Each of the four Nissen Huts represented around 120m2 of surface area. We set about pressure washing the external roof substrates first so that we could identify any areas of damage that may enable leaks to penetrate. Fortunately, beneath the dirt and grime, the roofs were in great condition and came up like new once cleaned! Our next job was to insulate the underside of the roof substrates from the inside. With the Nexseal Closed Cell Foam at 50mm thick, the results were immediate with the summertime heat gain sufficiently blocked, leaving the inside of each hut brighter, cooler and more ambient. The final job was to spray-apply the ThermoShield paint coating to the external roof sheets. Our client specified a mid-grey colour and this left a nice glossy, brand new finish to suitably protect and waterproof the roofs. During the following winter, not only did the paint coating repel dirt and grime from building up, the internal condensation issues were eliminated thanks to the Nexseal Closed Cell Foam. The buildings were drier, warmer and represented a relaxed space for employees to enjoy. To find out more about Roddas and what they do, check out their website here.

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