Enverge Nexseal LE is a leading closed-cell foam system now available in the UK. Nexseal LE offers exceptional thermal performance coupled with a low-exothermic reaction to make it safe to install at greater depths. Fully BBA-certified, Nexseal LE is installed exclusively by ThermoFoam-approved contractors only.

Nexseal LE Benefits

Nexseal LE is manufactured sustainably and contains up to 17% of recycled material. Combining clever chemistry with thermal performance and fire restistance, Nexseal LE is one of the safest high-density closed-cell foams available. In addition, installers, specifiers, and end-users trust Nexseal LE thanks to its versatility and durability across a range of industries. Now available on the NBS database, Nexseal LE holds the necessary accreditations to support its use in the UK and beyond.

Clever Chemistry!

Nexseal LE is manufactured using the latest chemistry advancement to achieve a low-exothermic reaction when sprayed in thicker layers. Unlike many other types of closed-cell foam where each layer should be applied at 25-50mm, Nexseal LE enables the installer to reach layers of 100mm which speeds up application times and ensures the product is stable without shrinkage or delamination. With a winter-blend variant for use in colder weather and a British Class 1 fire-rating to reduce surface spread of flame, Nexseal LE is a versatile, high-yielding and easy to spray solution to most insulation needs.




Vapour Barrier





Fire Resistant


Nexseal LE Uses

Nexseal LE Closed Cell spray foam is a popular insulation system for thermal performance, airtight sealing, and durability for the long term. It is trusted across many industry sectors from new-build residential pitched roofs, floors and walls to agricultural barns, warehouses, concrete soffits, and modular housing developments. Nexseal LE can offer a cost-effective and fast way to insulate a building with the peace of mind it will last for the long-term without shrinking, degrading, or reducing in thermal performance.


Nexseal LE Certifications

Nexseal LE has been tested by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) and WarringtonFire to relevant British and European standards. It is installed exclusively by our ThermoFoam-approved network of contractors.

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