Case Study: Swimming Pool Insulation & Anti-Condensation Insulation

Penventon Park Hotel | Cornwall

Swimming Pool Insulation Overview

The Penventon Park Hotel is a Luxury 4 Star Hotel and Spa, conveniently located in central Cornwall with great access to the surrounding countryside and beaches. The swimming pool building suffered from excess surface condensation on the ceiling but ThermoFoam saved the day with swimming Pool Insulation.

The owners of the hotel are dedicated to providing excellent facilities to their guests and were experiencing some condensation problems in the swimming pool. Traditionally humid environments, the single-storey swimming pool building suffered condensation as a result of a cold flat roof surface and the rising heat from the swimming pool. Whilst ventilation can help to mitigate the risk of condensation, it generally saps heat from a building, making insulation the only real viable alternative. ThermoFoam were invited to specify an anti-condensation insulation and swimming pool insulation solution that would solve the problems for good!


Penventon Park Hotel



Project Type

Swimming Pool

Product Used

Nexseal LE Closed Cell

Install Date

April 2023

Install Size


Install Duration

2 Days

Approved Installer

Spray Foam Tech Limited

The Project

Swimming Pool Insulation Brief

With cold condensation droplets forming on the ceiling and dripping onto unsuspecting hotel guests enjoying a leisurely swim, our brief was to solve the problem! The only issue with any major insulation works is the disruption to the normal operation of public spaces and therefore, the client asked whether we could fit in with a planned maintenance shutdown date to minimise the impact on their guests. The proposed installation would take 2 days and require significant preparation work to ensure that assets and decor were suitably protected from the impacts of overspray.

Swimming Pool Insulation Specification

The ceiling was completely uninsulated and whilst condensation prevention was the primary resolution, it seemed a good idea to beef up the insulation specification to help the pool area retain more heat. With this in mind, we specified 50mm of ThermoFoam Nexseal Closed Cell Foam which would completely eliminate humid air reaching the surface whilst adding some thermal comfort, hopefully reducing energy costs. With the spray foam being left on show, a neat finish was required which is why we appointed one of our most trustworthy ThermoFoam-Approved installers, Spray Foam Tech. The team were diligent in protecting the pool assets and decor from the impacts of overspray and they managed to get the works complete within two days so that the pool could re-open to the hotel guests the next day.

Swimming Pool Insulation Results

This 246m2 installation was completed well within the client’s parameters, enabling them to reopen the leisure facility and pool area to their guests within 3 days. The condensation issues are now fully resolved and there are no longer droplets of surface condensation falling onto hotel guests using the facilities! The building now retains heat for longer which means the plant and machinery used to heat the water is not working as hard, prolonging the life of mechanical heating assets and taking the chill out of the air. All in all, this was an enjoyable installation and our client at the Penventon Hotel is very happy with the results. Find out more about the luxurious Penventon Park Hotel here:

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