Willmott Dixon - Case Study

Willmott Dixon – Case Study

Project Type

Commercial Construction – Insulating A Concrete Soffit

The Project

We were approached by Willmott Dixon in summer 2018 to survey a 700 square metre concrete soffit at The Box project in Plymouth.

The Box is a major redevelopment scheme and a symbol for the city’s current regeneration and future.

It will be a museum for the 21st Century with extraordinary gallery displays, high profile artists and art exhibitions, as well as exciting events and performances that take visitors on a journey from pre-history to present and beyond.

Willmott Dixon - Case Study
Willmott Dixon – Pre Install

The Specification

Having not previously used Spray Foam insulation, the initial survey was designed to assess whether an installation would be possible and to discuss our product with the client.

With a U-Value of 0.18 w/m2K required to comply with building regulations, we specified 130mm of CC-2000 which also provides for a Class 1 fire rating. Our project specification was backed up with U-Values, Condensation Risk Analysis and relevant Technical Data.

An air gap is required when fitting Rigid PIR to allow any moisture that may enter the building externally or through interstitial condensation from within. Without an air gap, moisture could become trapped between insulation and substrate which could cause degradation of the building.

ThermoFoam Spray insulation doesn’t require an air gap because it is applied at high pressure directly to the substrate. This means that the insulation becomes an extension of the substrate leaving no opportunity for moisture to become trapped between.

The Installation

In the lead up to the installation, we attended the project construction site on several occasions in order to make an installation plan. We also managed to complete the required Health & Safety documentation, including Risk Assessments and Method Statements.

We had planned for a 5 day installation and Willmott Dixon were instrumental in providing and fitting shuttering to prevent overspray from the CC-2000. On commencement of installation, we arranged for 2 commercial spray rigs with a team of 4. Using access equipment, our team were able to successfully spray-apply the CC-2000 within 4 days, leaving the site clean and tidy.

As intended, there were no issues that arose during installation and this was a result of pre-planning between us and our client.  With an install programme that ran like clockwork, we were able to de-mobilise from the construction site to leave our client to continue with the rest of the build.

Willmott Dixon - Case Study
Willmott Dixon – Post Install

Client Feedback

We approached ThermoFoam because we needed a solution that was unfamiliar with us. From initial meeting to completion of installation, ThermoFoam were able to talk about their product with authority which helped to fill us with confidence that the chosen solution was right.

They backed up their specification with technical data that was approved by our architect and at every opportunity, they were upfront and honest about any risks that could occur during install.

During the installation process, it became clear that with the pre-planning support they offered, ThermoFoam were able to deliver an installation in a timely manner, abiding by site rules and regulations at every stage. They also spoke candidly about the protection required to prevent any overspray damage to the building. This demonstrates that they care about not only the installation but also the fabric of the building.

The positive experience taken from this install not only gives us the confidence to use ThermoFoam Spray insulation for future projects but has also shown us the benefits the product has for achieving results in a timely manner without disruption to our build schedule.


If you have a large project which is proving difficult to insulate using traditional methods request a call back below where one of our team will be able to talk you through how a Spray Foam installation could benefit you.

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