Visu Verum Case Study roof insulation

Visu Verum – Case Study

Project Type

Closed Cell & Open Cell – 126 sq/m – Pitched Roof Insulation

The Project

Visu Verum approached us to discuss pitched roof insulation for a stunning new build mansion in Kingston-Upon-Thames. Having historically used pre-manufactured insulation such as rigid PIR board and fibre-based insulation, they were looking for a modern solution that offers speed, air-tightness and good thermal performance per inch. After researching alternative insulation methods, the team at VisuVerum contacted us to discuss a specification for their project.

Part of the driving force behind the interest in spray foam was to help allow Visu Verum to catch up on their project schedule, particularly as the roof area was difficult to access and to fit PIR Board to an airtight standard. Despite having a full labour force, the client felt that having a professional sub-contracted company to carry out insulation works was vital to achieve the desired results.

The Specification

With a U-Value target of 0.18 W/mK and with plenty of rafter space available, we specified 250mm of Open Cell ThermoFoam between the roof to achieve compliance. To satisfy the Building Control Officer we ran the necessary U-Value calculation and condensation risk modelling to demonstrate that spray foam insulation would work for this property.

Clearance to install our system was granted and we booked a date with the customer to fit in with their construction programme to ensure that our works were carried out around other parts of the construction project.

The Installation

On the day of install, we arrived at the customers premises at 8am and after covering and protecting windows, floors and doors from the impacts of the Spray Foam overspray, we were ready to begin the install. In just 7 hours, we managed to fully insulate the pitched roof area to the deemed specification and after achieving sign off with our client, we packed away our kit onto the self contained long wheel base van and demobilised from site leaving no mess and no waste materials.

The use of Spray Foam insulation helped to keep the construction schedule on time which, when compared to the installation of pre-manufactured insulation, can use staffing resources and prevent other works from continuing until a compliant and air-tight standard has been reached. We’ve now worked with Visu Verum on numerous projects and enjoy a long term working relationship.

Client Feedback

ThermoFoam provided us with a detailed survey of the property before specifying their product and demonstrating its vast benefits over more traditional forms of insulation. Their knowledge and experience helped to make this project a success and they even offered important advice on other areas of the project which resulted in us using them for some protective fire-proof coatings.

The team at ThermoFoam communicate efficiently and across the numerous projects they’ve completed for us, they have been incredibly reliable and very respectful of the other trades that work on the site. They’ve demonstrated the superior quality of spray foam insulation and the installation process helped to get our project timeline back on track.

Alex Enache, Project Manager, Visu Verum

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