Spray Foam underfloor instulation.

Underfloor Insulation

For one reason or another, it’s not always possible to insulate a floor during the construction phase of a project. We’ve been approached on several occasions to specify a solution to insulate an underfloor void once a building is constructed. Spray Foam insulation can remove the headaches of insulating in a difficult and inaccessible space.

As long as there’s a void clearance of around 750mm, our professional applicators can manouveure underfloor areas to provide a seamless thermal layer of insulation. As an in-situ application, Spray Foam takes away many of the constraints that you may come up against when trying to insulate underfloor areas using pre-manufactured insulation such as Rigid-PIR.


An example of an underfloor entry point we have surveyed.

If you choose to insulate yourself, you will have to traverse an underfloor area whilst carrying sheets of insulation. It’s quite possible that you will then need to cut your insulation board to fit into the gap to which it’s applied. You then have to fix it to the underfloor slab and to achieve air-tightness, you will need to tape all of the joints. This process in itself is cumbersome and time consuming.


When you opt for Spray Foam insulation as the alternative, the applicator will need to pull their hose into the underfloor void and then they can start the job of insulating the substrate straight away. Depending on the thickness of insulation required and the available space in the void, a Spray Foam applicator will typically cover an area of around 200 square metres in just a day.

Your project will benefit from the seamless layer of thermal insulation along with the exceptional adhesion of the foam against the substrate. In years to come when the gravitational pull may start to see pre-manufactured insulation types begin to fail, Spray Foam insulation will not suffer the same degradation. The product will continue to perform for the life of the building without diminishing in thickness, performance or air-tightness.


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