Insulating a biomass storage facility

Twinheat – Case Study

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Industrial – Warehouses – Insulating a Biomass Storage Facility

The Project

Twinheat is the UK branch of a biomass boiler manufacturer based in Denmark. They provide a range of quality biomass boiler systems for domestic and commercial use. Twinheat are specialists in their field, covering the whole of the UK from Lands End to John O’Groats.

The expensive plant and machinery is stored in a warehouse in Somerset and needs to be kept dry at all times with the internal temperature at an ambient level year round. We were approached to provide the specification to insulate this large warehouse.

With other building refurbishments planned, it was essential that our installation was carried out in conjunction with other trades to ensure that the project was completed on time. This enabled the expanding business to safely store their equipment in a safe environment.

Install in progress.

The Specification

Although this represented a large surface area of insulation, the client was keen to progress immediately and therefore provided a multitude of imagery and plans which enabled us to carry out a desktop survey of the premises without a visit.

Whilst we usually prefer to carry out a pre-install survey, the images allowed us to plan the access equipment needed which included scaffold towers and a scissor lift. Based on the requirements to keep the warehouse free from condensation, we specified a 25mm coating of Closed Cell insulation.

The building was going to be used purely for storing items and was not going to be heated internally, which is the protagonist for surface condensation to form in winter months. The 25mm specification would also add some thermal performance in regulating the internal temperature.

These structures usually have metal, cement fibre or asbestos roof sheeting which are often corrugated to allow channels for rain water to escape. Without insulation these materials are great thermal conductors and are highly susceptible to temperature extremes, condensation and poor energy efficiency.

Pre-manufactured insulation materials, such as PIR, lack the flexibility to sufficiently insulate corrugated structures for the long term. Spray Foam solves these issues when spray-applied as a liquid, expanding into all voids to provide seamless insulation coverage.

We recommend a Closed Cell formula, such as ThermoFoam CC-2000 to prolong the life of your corrugated roof. In addition to being a high performance insulator Closed Cell foam will help to bind and seal any damaged or degraded panels to limit moisture ingress.

Completed install.

The Installation

Although we didn’t carry out a survey of the property in person, on the day of installation, we had arranged for the necessary access equipment to be taken to the site. We utilised two spray rigs to carry out the install with one focusing on the walls and the other the roof.

Over the course of the next three days, good progress was made and the external temperature was high enough to keep the metal sheeting warm to enable the Closed Cell chemical to expand rapidly upon application to the surface area.

Having protected the floor and doors with plastic sheets, the job was completed without any residual mess and our teams were able to de-mobilise from site and hand the insulated building back to the client well within the required time schedules.

Client Feedback

When we called ThermoFoam, Adam was the person who dealt with our enquiry and he seemed very knowledgeable on the subject of providing anti-condensation issues using Spray Foam insulation. He discussed the process and left me confident in choosing them for my install.

Having explained the time constraints on getting the building insulated so that other trades could continue work, the ThermoFoam team sent two installation teams to complete the job and this meant that we could speed up the process of getting other trades in.

The quality of the install was very good and I am pleased to report that it has solved the job this winter in eliminating roof condensation. We have noticed that the building is a little warmer in winter as well and look forward to a cooler summer!

Roger Perry, Owner, Twinheat UK

Do you have a warehouse you use for storing machinery that needs to be kept dry and would benefit from having a Spray Foam installation?

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