Enverge Sucraseal is one of the leading open-cell foam systems in the UK. Sucraseal combines peace of mind British Class 1 fire safety with exceptional thermal performance and is fully certified by the BBA. Sucraseal is installed exclusively by ThermoFoam-approved contractors only.

Sucraseal Benefits

Sucraseal is manufactured sustainably, combining clever chemistry with thermal performance and fire resistance to create one of the market’s safest low-density Open-cell foams. In addition, installers, specifiers, and end-users trust Sucraseal thanks to its wide range of benefits used across various industries. Now available on the NBS database, Sucraseal holds the necessary accreditations to support its use in the UK and beyond.

Clever Chemistry!

Sucraseal is manufactured using the latest chemistry advancement to achieve excellent performance against fire. Utilising sucrose as a key ingredient in the formulation, when the intensity of a flame attempts to burn through Sucraseal, a protective crust forms. Despite the intensity of the fire, sucrose crystals work to extinguish the fire and prevent flame spread across the surface. The only British Class 1 fire-rated Open-cell foam (uncoated), Sucraseal is protected by a worldwide patent, making it exclusive to ThermoFoam in the UK.

Fire Resistant





Sound Attenuation

Vapour Permeable




Sucraseal Uses

Sucraseal Open Cell spray foam is a popular insulation system for thermal performance and airtight sealing in various use cases. From new-build residential pitched roofs and stud walls to sound attenuation in warehouses, factories, and public buildings, Sucraseal is versatile, safe, cost-effective, and breathable.


Sucraseal Certifications

Sucraseal has been tested by the British Board of Agrement (BBA) and WarringtonFire to relevant British and European standards. Installed by our ThermoFoam-approved network of contractors.

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