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Spray Foam Homeowners Advice | Update

On July 3rd 2024, the Property Care Association (PCA), held a meeting to discuss spray foam homeowners advice that should be issued to homeowners who are concerned about spray foam insulation or have been contacted by spray foam removal companies, offering to take it out. The spray foam homeowners advice meeting was well attended by many stakeholders in the property industry including the Insulation Manufacturers Association (IMA), the Homeowners Alliance, independent building surveyors, mortgage lenders and property specialists. The meeting lasted for around 90 minutes and represented a good opportunity for everyone to get together to discuss what the proposed guidance may look like.

Spray Foam Homeowners Advice

Spray foam insulation can be assessed for its suitability by Building Surveyors on behalf of mortgage lenders. When a homeowner wishes to sell or remortgage, a survey may be required. It is important that spray foam insulation is assessed as per the 2023 Inspection Protocol.

Spray Foam Homeowners Advice | Why Is Guidance Needed?

Homeowners are being targeted more frequently by unscrupulous spray foam removal companies who have established businesses that offer the service of removing the product. On some occasions, the product may require removal if a roof is at the end of life, however, in many circumstances, the spray foam is either compliant or can be made compliant through some simple, effective and inexpensive remedial actions.

Many homeowners are receiving cold calls from spray foam removal companies offering their services. In many circumstances, the homeowner is advised that the spray foam will damage their roof and that they won’t be able to sell their home until it has been removed. This is causing distress for homeowners and quite frequently, they are faced with paying thousands of pounds to have a product removed that may pose little or no damage to the property or can be made compliant if it hasn’t been installed in accordance with BS5250:2021.

The updated spray foam homeowners advice is needed so that homeowners are able to find help and advice on what they should do if they have spray foam insulation in their homes. Our guidance is as follows:

  • NEVER accept cold calls from spray foam removal companies and if you do, check out their credentials first.
  • DON’T feel forced into having spray foam removed or installed until you have done your own research.
  • CHECK whether the spray foam has been installed correctly and that you have a homeowner pack containing product certifications, warranties and condensation risk analysis.
  • ALWAYS contact the company who installed the spray foam and ask for any missing paperwork, help or advice if you’ve been contacted by a removal company.
  • COMPARE quotes whenever you consider having spray foam installed or removed. Don’t pay over the odds and read our Ethical Pricing & Sales Practices Guide.
  • RELAX and don’t overthink things even if you’ve read some negative press about spray foam. there’s lots of help and support and it can often remain in place without removal.

Spray Foam Homeowners Advice

The concerns with spray foam insulation are generally when it’s been installed into older buildings that aren’t necessarily up to modern standards for ventilation. The retrofit of spray foam insulation is perfectly acceptable provided it’s installed correctly, in accordance with the product certification and BS5250:2021. Look out for updated spray foam homeowners advice soon.

Can Homeowners Sell or get a mortgage on a home they are buying?

There are several mortgage lenders who will consider lending on homes with spray foam insulation installed at pitched roof level. There is a stigma surrounding spray foam and over the last three years, there have been challenges for homeowners, building surveyors, lenders and spray foam suppliers but in 2023, the Inspection Protocol was issued and this has helped to improve the situation. Even if a lender is unable to instantly approve the home for a mortgage, further investigations or inexpensive remedial works are likely to change the risk profile to low, meaning that a mortgage may be offered.

Spray foam insulation is sometimes blamed for increasing the risk of timber rot in the roof structure when installed incorrectly. There will of course be some installs that aren’t fit for purpose but on the most part, many installations can be made compliant in accordance with the 2021 release of BS5250 for Managing Moisture In Buildings. Over the last three years, a huge amount of work has been dedicated to understanding spray foam insulation and the various risk profiles for different types of installations. Whilst the recent HSE report into spray foam insulation should not be used in lieu of the Inspection Protocol, it offers good guidance about when and where spray foam should be used and how its profile can be assessed as low risk to the property.

This is why we urge homeowners to seek advice from the spray foam industry, building surveyors and mortgage lenders before committing to expensive and possibly unnecessary removal of the product. Quite often, the spray foam industry can help to fill the gaps on any missing paperwork or advise on possible remedial actions that will help to reduce the risk of moisture and enable the property to be deemed suitable for sale and mortgage. If you aren’t selling but have read some negative press on spray foam insulation, check you’ve got a copy of the product certification, installer warranty and condensation risk analysis. If you don’t have or can’t find these items, contact your installer. If you cannot reach the installer, contact the product manufacturer who will be able to help.

But whatever you do, don’t be pressured into getting the spray foam removed until it has been checked by an installer, manufacturer or property professional. Look out for updated guidance over the coming months. Check out our Spray Foam Homeowners Advice Infographic below.

Spray Foam Homeowner Advice

Our latest advice for homeowners who are considering spray foam insulation for thir homes or have been contacted about having it removed.


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