Closed Cell insulation on new build properties.

PT Nash Building & Construction

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Closed Cell – Walls & Roof – Insulating A New Build Property

The Project

We were delighted to get an enquiry from PT Nash Building & Construction, particularly when they stated that they were looking for an alternative solution to having to use Rigid-PIR board to insulate their projects. We were invited to price up the full insulation specification for two semi-detached new builds in Alton, Hampshire.

The two properties were well constructed by our client, using timber frame. The roof had to achieve a 0.18 U-Value and the walls a 0.22 U-Value. With this in mind, our task was to put together a proposal that could demonstrate significant time savings over the traditional methods of insulating a new build property.

Our client really saw the benefits of reverting to Spray Foam insulation for their projects, especially if it would reduce the construction time, represent cost efficiency and provide the additional benefits of true air-tightness.

Pre install.

The Specification

The client initially sent us the architectural drawings for the project, enabling us to provide a detail proposal, considering the measurements and how the volume of work could reduce the rate per square metre. The project accounted for 287m2 of roof area and a further 236m2 of walls to insulate.

We specified 160mm of Closed Cell insulation for the roof, into 175mm rafters and 130mm of Closed Cell insulation for the walls, between 150mm wall studs. This would comply with building regulations and U-Value targets, backed up with our detailed calculations.

It’s always hard to estimate the exact time an install will take as there are variables to consider, however, we predicted it would take one of our teams 4 days from start to finish to complete the project. Interestingly, our client disclosed that it would have taken 3 men, 3 weeks to insulate using Rigid-PIR.

External walls of new build properties usually require a minimum of a 0.28 U-Value, roofs require a minimum 0.18 U-Value. To comply with this, we recommend 150mm of Closed Cell insulation in the roof, with 90mm minimum in the walls.

Our Premium Closed Cell foam offers high tensile strength, rapid application and exceptional thermal properties to make it one of the best performing foams.
ThermoFoam CC-2000 is a high density 2lb foam offering strong adhesion to virtually any substrate, improving structural integrity and is ideal for both retro-fit and new build construction.

It has comparable thermal performance to rigid PIR sheets but without the need for an air gap against the substrate, saving on space and eliminating the risk of moisture becoming trapped.

The Installation

Our team mobilised on site and worked directly with the client to commence works in areas of the property which were vacant of other contractors. The most time consuming element of the install would be the roof and this is where we decided to start to get the harder areas insulated first.

The weather conditions were extremely cold during install and this slowed install progress slightly due to a slower rise to the foam, however, within 2 days, we had completed the insulation for one of the properties and the customer signed this off, allowing us to move next door.

A further two days of hard work and a complete clear down of the installation zone and we were done! Prior to leaving, our team walked around the entire houses with the client to ensure that he was happy to sign off the install.

Post install.


Client Feedback

I was looking for an alternative solution to the mundane process of having to fit pre-manufactured insulation materials such as Rigid-PIR. The price of PIR sheets had increased significantly and we thought that it was our only option until we came across Spray Foam insulation on Google.

When we contacted ThermoFoam we were impressed how knowledgeable they were and how passionate they were about their Spray Foam solutions. During the install, the team checked in with us regularly to make sure we were happy with the process.
Their excellent customer is refreshing and nothing was too much trouble. They provide the full suite of U-Value and Condensation Risk Analysis so that the installation could be approved by Local Building Control. Now we’ve used foam we shall never choose anything else!

Bob Nash, Owner, PT Nash Building & Construction


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