Open Cell Post Install

Insulation For Stud Walls

External walls of new build properties usually require a minimum of a 0.28 U-Value. To comply with this, we recommend a full fill of your wall studs at 150mm using Open Cell Spray Foam insulation.

Offering good thermal performance and air-tightness, your project can also benefit from the excellent soundproofing qualities of a low density Open Cell Spray Foam. The installation speed of an Open Cell Spray Foam also surpasses many other forms of insulation such as Rigid-PIR or Fibre.

Pre-installation of Open Cell insulation

A service void for electrical cables and other services is usually required when insulating walls. When using Open Cell Spray Foam, cabling can be encased without any detrimental affect to the power loading, furthermore, spray foams do not rot or degrade cables.

When using Open Cell to insulate external walls, speed of application can prove highly beneficial in keeping your project’s timeline on track. With numerous installations completed, we can insulate up to 300 square metres of walls in just one day to a compliant depth of 150mm. When U-Value targets are more onerous, the depth of Open Cell Spray Foam is adjusted accordingly to ensure your project is compliant with regulations.

The video above shows the type of finish you can expect to achieve when choosing ThermoFoam to install Open Cell Spray Foam for the walls. We make it easy for the plasterboard to be fit to the wall studs by over-filling the wall studs and cutting back any excess foam to leave the insulation flush with the studs. This maximizes the thermal performance and the soundproofing ability of the Open Cell Spray Foam.

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