Insulating a chemical storage facility

J. Pickard & Co – Case Study

Project Type

Industrial – Agricultural – Insulating A Chemical Storage Facility

The Project

J. Pickard & Co is a family business located in Burrington, North Devon. The business has been trading for over 150 years and providing invaluable support to the rural North Devon community with their provision of farming, chemical and country living products.

With several agricultural and chemical stores on their site, this was the first install for our client and was designed to demonstrate the variety of benefits that a Closed Cell Spray Foam application can have on a deteriorating and condensating corrugated roof.

With temperature regulation an important factor for this install coupled with the anti-condensation requirements to keep the building warm and dry, our client was interested to find out how Spray Foam insulation could benefit their variety of property.

The Specification

We carried out a site survey to meet with the client and assess their problems. It was clear that in colder weather, the roof would condensate and this would lead to water drips on valuable chemical stocks that require storage in managed temperature parameters.

The roof covered a span of 140 square metres and had a steep pitch to it, meaning that working at height was an important consideration. Furthermore, a stair case up to the mezzanine floor provided access issues which we had to consider and overcome.

Based on the clients requirements, we opted for a 30-35mm coating of Closed Cell insulation to eliminate condensation, provide some good thermal performance and help prevent the impacts of solar gain into the building during hot summer months.

From paints to pesticides, most chemical products have storage temperature parameters strictly dictated by their manufacturers. Extreme seasonal variations in the UK can make the storage of chemicals in barns, warehouses or lock-ups difficult to regulate.

Improper storage can lead to a loss of performance or total stock write-off resulting in huge financial losses for your company. Spray Foam insulation is a cost-effective way to regulate temperatures and protect your chemicals. 

With seamless adhesion to every inch of your chemical store, spray foam insulation provides an airtight thermal barrier that keeps temperatures consistent. Additionally it is a fast, effective and inexpensive solution helping to minimise disruption to your business.

A Closed Cell Spray Foam application, when installed properly, should live with the life of the boat/vessel and is guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years.

The Installation

With the business being busy year round, installation had to be considered to account for the building being emptied. We therefore opted to carry out the install on a Saturday to minimise disruption to the day to day trade of the business.

Using a forklift truck with a man basket on the front provided by the client, we were able to mobilise the spray team to the required working height. Safety is important to us, therefore, we ensured that the man basket was strapped to the forklift to avoid any falls.

Throughout the course of the day, our team were able to complete the installation of the entire roof space. The important factors to the speed were the fact the client removed all of his stock from the building to ensure we had a clear run of access.

Post Install.

Client Feedback

We knew we had to do something to our building to combat damaging condensation and add some thermal performance. After researching the possible solutions to insulate a corrugated roof, we were confident that Spray Foam insulation was right for us.

When we googled local Spray Foam installers, ThermoFoam were one of the most prominent and their website demonstrated that they had carried out numerous, similar installs. When their surveyor came out to see us, he talked us through the process, filling us with confidence.

The end results were exactly what we had hoped and it was amazing to see the change in the ambience of the building once the install had been completed. The team worked well to protect the property and left the stair case tidier than what they found it like!

Graham Short, Managing Director, J. Pickard & Co

Do you have an agricultural building you use for storage that suffers from condensation and would benefit from having Spray Foam Insulation?

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