Insulating a plant room

Insulating A Plant Room

We’ve taken so many calls recently for help and advice on how best to insulate a plant room.

These areas are often full of pipework and expensive plant and machinery used to power a building. Typically, they are often very warm environments, therefore, the consideration for insulation should be one that’s made as a priority.

When there’s an external flat roof or rooms above the plant room, temperature variances can cause condensation to form on the ceiling surface of the plant room. This is because the temperature of the plant room is usually much warmer than the temperature above. When the two temperature variances meet, condensation can form.

Pre installation of Spray Foam Insulation

Once the plant and machinery is in-situ and pipework is suspended to the the ceiling of the plant room, the ability to insulate the ceiling becomes increasingly difficult when using pre-manufactured forms of insulation such as Rigid-PIR.

Spray Foam insulation is one of very few products that insulate a plant room retrospectively.

Naturally, we would prefer it if you considered Spray Foam insulation before your project begins so that we can help you insulate effectively without requiring an emergency solution. When you choose ThermoFoam to insulate your building, we can offer you competitive pricing from the start. 

If you choose Spray Foam insulation as a retro-fit solution or last ditch attempt to rescue a problem, the price per metre is usually higher than it could be because our job becomes more difficult and takes more consideration to protect plant and machinery from the possible impacts of over-spray during the install process.

With that said, we are always delighted to assist you with the insulation requirements whether you call us at the start of the project or towards the end when you need an urgent solution that might resolve a problem. One things for sure, the application possibilities of Spray Foam insulation is one that surpasses virtually all other forms of insulation and this is testament to its flexibility across multiple environments.

In action… no matter how difficult the access our boys will try their best to get in to the space available!

We like to build long-term relationships with our construction and commercial clients to ensure that we can provide a cost effective, high performance insulation solution for each and every project you undertake.

If you are looking for help and advice on how best to insulate a plant room, contact us to find out how we can help.

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