Insulating sports hall roof

Hartpury College – Case Study

Project Type 

Industrial – Corporate/Public Buildings – Insulating A Sports Hall Roof

The Project

We were approached by Hartpury College in Winter 2019 to survey a 1100 square metal roof in an existing sports hall that was to be converted to a student common room.

Hartpury College is renowned in the UK as an outstanding Ofsted Provider and specialises in Sports, Equine and Agricultural courses for up to 3000 students.

The quality of the foam insulation appearance was imperative for this installation, particularly as the roof area was to be left visually exposed as a part of the finished decorative state of this large hall.

The Specification

Due to fire regulations with this large hall being a commercially habitable space, we had to specify and use a Class 1 fire-rated closed cell product to offer maximum protection in the event of fire.

With a short turnaround of time to meet the deadlines of the building being returned to the college for use, we managed to mobilise two spray rigs over a four day period in order to complete the installation.

The colour of the finished foam was important with the College specifying a matte black finish. Unfortunately, man spray foams only come in an off-white colour shade and we therefore specified a Class 0 coating product to offer additional protection to the building whilst achieving the matte black finish.

It is highly difficult to insulate a metal corrugated roof with traditional forms of insulation such as PIR board because the corrugated pocket above the insulation will create a possible void in which moisture can accumulate and degrade the roof structure.

Closed Cell Spray Foam insulation is the ultimate way of achieving a seamless thermal blanket of insulation, removing the opportunity for any moisture ingress to accumulate within the building. The spray-applied nature of foam insulation means that it adheres directly to every inch of the surface, expanding and filling the voids.

As a solution that adheres to the surface with high tensile strength, there is little opportunity for the Closed Cell Spray Foam to delaminate from the substrate. Pre-manufactured forms of insulation, such as rigid-PIR, are subject to the impacts of gravitational pull and can therefore fall away from the surface over time as their fixings begin to fail.

A Closed Cell Spray Foam application, when installed properly, should live with the life of the building and is guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years.

Hartpury College – Pre Install

The Installation

Prior to commencement of works, we provided the facilities management team at Hartpury College with our Risk Assessments and Method statements to demonstrate our compliance with Health & Safety requirements.

Our two installation teams mobilised on site at the agreed time and discussed the install with the facilities manager. Due to the height of the roof, the client hired in the use of two large cherry picker lifts, enabling us to work safely at height whilst giving our team the ease to manouveure around the building.

On the first two days, we made slow progress due to some equipment issues but to ensure that we met the deadlines, our team worked late into the night and over the weekend to return the completed building back to the College in time for their next phase of refurbishment works.

Hartpury College - Case Study
Hartpury College – Post Install

Client Feedback

As a public body, we were required to seek three quotes for this installation. Taking into account the finished product and the importance of having insulation that not only did the trick but looked good on the eye at the same time, ThermoFoam were able to demonstrate their ability to deliver to our requirements.

ThermoFoam were authoritative when offering advice and they talked us through the process and their requirements at every step of the way. Once the installation team mobilised on site and works commenced, we felt confident that they would deliver what we required.

Although we advised them that they didn’t need to protect the floor from any overspray or damage during their install, we were pleasantly surprised that the ThermoFoam team still made every effort to protect the integrity of the building.

The positive experience taken from this install not only gives us the confidence to use ThermoFoam spray insulation for future projects but has also shown us the benefits the product has for achieving results in a timely manner without disruption, fitting in with our time frame and our expectations.

Do you have a metal corrugated roof area difficult to insulate with traditional methods that could benefit from having Spray Foam insulation applied?

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