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Gwel-an-Mor – Case Study

Project Type

Industrial – Asbestos – Insulating A Wedding Barn

The Project

Gwel-an-Mor is a luxury holiday resort on the North Cornwall coast, offering a range of high-end accommodation for visitors from around the world. Originally a farm, some of the agricultural buildings on the resort were in need of a refurbishment.

The wedding and events barn had an ageing roof, made from asbestos and cement fibre and it was therefore important to refurbish this area to ensure its long term integrity. The roofing panels were in good order with no major damage and therefore, roof replacement was not necessary.

The issues of water ingress arose as a result of the degraded bolts and gaskets on the exterior roofing surface. Spray Foam insulation was the right product to offer an encapsulation on the underside with additional remedial repairs to the exterior surface.

The Specification

We carried out an initial survey of the pitched, corrugated roof of the events barn and noticed some areas where the bolts and gaskets that held the roofing sheets together had perished over time. It was clear that water ingress and surface condensation was a major issue.

In colder weather, with no insulation, the barn was extremely hard to heat and during hot summer months, solar gain caused stifling temperatures, all of which could impact on the guests enjoyment during weddings or events.

To combat these issues, we specified a 50mm coating of Closed Cell insulation to the underside of the corrugated roof. This would encapsulate and strengthen the roof panels whilst helping to regulate the temperature of the internal space. Due to damage on the roof exterior, we also specified some remedial repairs to the bolts by using liquid resin polymers to seal the bolts.

Removing and disposing of asbestos is a specialist job and can be incredibly expensive. If you have an asbestos roof that is in good condition you can prevent its deterioration by using spray foam insulation to encapsulate and extend its lifespan.

With seamless adhesion to every inch of the roof, spray foam encapsulation provides an air and watertight seal protecting your roof against long-term degradation. As a preventative measure, encapsulation is a fast, effective and inexpensive solution compared to the alternative. 

We recommend an application of 30mm of ThermoFoam Closed Cell to create a thermal envelope of asbestos roofs whilst eliminating condensation. A thicker coating of 50-60mm will offer great heat retention and structural integrity for your building.

The Installation

With a busy events schedule in the barn, we had to be flexible with install dates to ensure that we could mobilise when the building was at it’s quietest. The client opted for early February to coincide with the events schedule.

The roof was approximately 7 metres from the floor, therefore, we hired in the use of a Cherry Picker Lift to help our team access every inch of the roof. The internal roof encapsulation was completed in 3 days with 550 square metres of Closed Cell insulation at 50mm installed.

With the Closed Cell having improved the structural integrity of the roof, our team then mobilised on the external roof surface, protected by safety harnessing. We used a two-part epoxy resin polymer that was brushed onto all bolts and seams, hardening to produce a water-tight barrier.

Client Feedback

From initial survey to installation, the ThermoFoam team communicated with us at every stage. They assisted with specifying the correct Spray Foam products that would comply with our Building Control Officer and fire safety regulations.

Despite a few access issues that prevented the installers from reaching some areas of the roof, they worked hard to find the solution that would allow them to complete the job to a high standard. Once the internal works were complete, they waited for good weather to resolve the external issues.

We are delighted we chose ThermoFoam for this install as they have a can-do attitude and are excellent communicators. The customer after-care has also been good and they returned instantly when we noticed some remediation’s were required to a small section of the exterior roof.

Matt Way, General Manager, Landal Gwel-an-Mor

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