Grundfos Case Study

Grundfos – Case Study

Project Type

Industrial – Insulating A Container Floor

The Project

Grundfos are a global company that provide innovative water pump solutions for a variety of projects around the world. Many of the systems that they design and build are housed in bespoke mobile kiosks that are designed to protect and preserve the plant and machinery.

Our mandate for this project was to provide an insulation solution to the metal flooring plate that formed a part of this large containerised unit. With the unit to be transported to China for its end use, the adhesion of the insulation and its durability were a pre-requisite and we were invited to propose a system that would achieve the desired results.

At 112 square metres of surface area, the large floor plate had to be transported with care to avoid flexing and breaking. Our solution had to be able to survive the impacts of minor movement and bending and this required careful consideration.

The Specification

With a clear vision of what we had to achieved along with the required thermal performance, we felt confident that spray foam insulation could offer a multitude of benefits that would help to make this project a success.

To protect the ambient temperature of the mobile kiosk floor and eliminate a cold thermal bridge, we specified 25mm of Closed Cell insulation. At this depth, we were confident that it would survive the impacts of any flexing of the metal plate and that it’s adhesion strength would survive during transit.

Closed-Cell insulation has excellent adhesion to just about any surface and its high density cell structure helps to improve the racking strength, making the structure stronger. At minimal depths it should not crack or delaminate from the surface on which its applied which means it will perform for the life of the structure in which its applied.

With the specification presented to our contacts at Grundfos, we were delighted that they chose us to carry out this install for their mobile kiosk and we were equally pleased to be able to demonstrate the benefits of spray foam insulation for current and future projects.

The Installation

This was an install that required careful planning on all parts. The clients timelines to carry out and complete the install was based upon ThermoFoam being flexible, particularly as we would have a matter of hours to mobilise on site at their manufacturing plant in Sunderland. With several components of the mobile kiosk to piece together, our flexibility was vital in ensuring the overall build time was completed to the required time frame.

With the project timeline running ahead of time, we were able to mobilise with little notice. On the day of install we arrived early in the morning so that we could set up our mobile spray rig close to the application zone. We discussed the installation process with our client and advised on the scope of works we would be carrying out.

Although the floor plate was large in surface area, we were able to spray apply the average depth of 25mm of Closed Cell insulation within 3 hours, leaving the client to complete the construction of the mobile kiosk. Once all pieces had been fixed together, we were delighted to see that the strong adhesion of the foam insulation did not crack or delaminate from the surface and we were equally delighted to hear that it arrived in China a few weeks later having survived during transit!

Client Feedback

I’d seen the benefits of spray foam insulation in Canada where the product is used extensively and this is why I contacted a UK-based company to help us provide a suitable specification to solve our problem of insulating the mobile kiosk floor plate. From the moment I enquired with ThermoFoam, they were extremely courteous and helpful in providing the necessary data to enable us to choose their solution.

On the day of install, the ThermoFoam team continued to demonstrate supreme efficiency, confidence in their application processes and they were at all times knowledgeable, helpful and in control of what they were doing. Health and Safety provision was vital for this project and the team at ThermoFoam were respectful of our requirements and forthcoming with information in a timely manner.

It was an absolute pleasure to deal with this company and they are a credit to the UK Spray Foam Insulation Industry. We are looking forward to inviting ThermoFoam back to Sunderland for the next project at Grundfos and having seen the process of a spray foam install, we truly see the multitude of benefits that this system offers.

Shaun Cowan, Manager, Grundfos

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