Concrete Soffit Insulation

When you have large concrete soffit to insulate, it’s worth considering the alternative benefits of using Spray Foam insulation.

The impacts of the Grenfell Tower disaster have altered the landscape for UK Construction and in particular, the effects that the provision of an air-gap can have across large expanses of a structure.

Spray Foam insulation is unique when compared to pre-manufactured forms of insulation. An air gap isn’t required because the Spray Foam when in liquid form, is applied using high pressure equipment, direct to the surface. It then expands and cures to it’s finished state and becomes an extension of the substrate on which it’s applied, leaving no possibility for moisture to become trapped.

When a pre-manufactured type of insulation is installed to a large concrete soffit, there should be provision for an air-gap between the substrate and the insulation board. This prevents the impact of any moisture becoming trapped within the fabric of the building. The trouble is, when an air-gap is provided, this can act as a chimney, allowing flame to spread rapidly, similarly to what happened at Grenfell Tower.

We’ve worked on numerous projects where Spray Foam insulation was the best solution in overcoming the air-gap provision. With many large corporate buildings constructed using concrete, it’s no wonder that UK Construction Companies are embracing the use of Spray Foam in their projects.

The burnt out remains of the 24-storey Grenfell Tower block in West London.

Quite often, the larger the area, the more cost effective Spray Foam insulation can become for your project. The speed of insulating large expanses of concrete can be particularly time consuming when using pre-manufactured insulation boards, not to mention the logistics of cutting to size, lifting to the installation area and securing in to place.

Once mobilized, our professional Spray Foam Applicators can cover up to 400 square metres of surface area a day at an approximate depth of 120mm. For larger projects, we can mobilize additional Spray Foam Rigs and have your project completed in a fraction of the time it might take to manually fit pre-manufactured insulation boards.

These combination of benefits are attributable to the exponential growth of Spray Foam insulation throughout the UK Construction market.

Never used Spray Foam before?

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