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Roof, floors and walls are insulated using airtight Enverge Sucraseal Open Cell spray foam insulation to reduce air leakage and running costs.

Spray Foam For New Build Homes

The ultimate guide to Passivhaus Insulation is designed to help those considering building to the gold standard for energy efficiency. Spray Foam Insulation can help to meet thermal targets and achieve airtightness.

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Spray foam insulation used for residential pitched roofs

Spray Foam Insulation & Building Surveyors

In this article we look at spray foam and how it is assessed when it comes to property valuations. Building surveyors are appointed by mortgage lenders to express a detailed opinion on the property condition. The presence of spray foam is known to be a contentious issue when it comes to surveyors and lenders.

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Spray Foam Mortgage Issues

Spray Foam Mortgage Problems – The Other Side Of the Story

In this article we look at spray foam mortgage problems that exist in the UK currently. Often, other industries and property professionals are quick to slate spray foam and refer to it as a bad product that causes damage but sometimes it’s important to listen to the other side of the story, directly from the spray foam industry.

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