Case Study:

Black Hangar Studio - Alton


Black Hangar Studio comprises of a huge 2500m2 floor area within, you guessed it, a hangar!

Based on the edge of Lasham Air Field near Alton in Hampshire, The Black Hangar is a film studios, home to several blockbuster movies including Star Wars! When the planes aren’t flying in and out, Lasham Airfield is a lovely peaceful location set within the heart of the Hampshire countryside. On the down side, the large airfield can be battered by cross winds and driving rain which often has a negative impact on filming within the hangar. With the UK film industry going through something of a renaissance of late, the order of the day was to help get the large Hangar insulated, airtight and less noisy!


Black Hangar Studios



Project Type

Industrial Film Studios

Product Used

Nexseal 2.0 LE & Sucraseal

Install Date

November 2020

Install Size


Install Duration

14 Days

The Project


Howling winds and driving rain often put a stop to the filming schedule and it was clear that left unaddressed, the large building could deteriorate due to weathering. With such a large metal roof structure to protect, the owners of Black Hangar Studios originally contacted us in April 2019 to find out if our solution could help them bond the roof and add structural protection. During extensive discussions with our client and after a few site surveys, the added benefit of spray foam insulation as a soundproofing and anti-condensation solution proved irresistible! The brief changed to a solution for structural integrity, soundproofing, anti-condensation and thermal heat retention/solar gain prevention.


A closed cell foam is the most trusted solution when going direct to metal thanks to its strong adhesion to the substrate. Some companies promote the use of open cell in these scenarios but as the cell structure can cause a cohesive failure at some point in the future, we opted for Nexseal Winter Grade Closed Cell to bond the roof sheets. For the soundproofing element and added thermal performance, we chose our British Class 1 fire resistant Sucraseal Open Cell Foam. The low density nature of Sucraseal lends itself to reducing sound transmission, particularly at high frequencies. The end result? A dry, airtight, structurally sound, thermally efficient, less echoey building ready for the next Blockbuster movie!

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